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What Exactly is CBD Tincture? A Newbie’s Guide
Prescription medications, especially ones for anxiety and depression have the worst
long term effects on your brain. There are so many chemicals and unnatural fillers
added to them. Most of the people I’ve come across that went for years relying on a
daily dose of Buspirone or beta-blockers to keep them from hiding in the house all day
with anxiety, ended up stopping their medication because they realized it was doing
more harm than good.
Some prescriptions can be used as a stepping stone to get you out of severe anxiety,
but it’s really never good to be on any medication for your entire life if you don’t have to
be. Natural remedies are the way to go. CBD is completely organic.
What Is CBD Tincture and How Is It Different from CBD
A CBD Tincture is pretty similar to your classic CBD oil. If you know anything about the
oil, you know that it comes from a cannabis plant and that it has a lot of health benefits.
Surely if you’re looking up what a CBD tincture is, you must want a little more in-depth
description, so hold onto your seat because this is where things get really technical…
Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one of the components that make up the
cannabis plant. THC is separate from this and does not get transferred over to the oil
when the CBD is derived (extracted) from the plant. Upon extraction, the CBD is then
suspended into whatever type of oil the manufacturer decides to use. The whole point of
putting CBD in some kind of vessel or liquid, like oil, is to make consumption easier.
Apparently, it’s pretty hard to eat straight cannabidiol, at that point you might as well just
smoke marijuana and deal with the high that comes with it. But someone figured out you
can put CBD inside antoher substance, WITHOUT the THC, so that you can get all the
health benefits without getting blazed.
This is where CBD tincture comes in. Like I said before, the tincture and the oil are so
very similar in a lot of ways. The main difference is that the oil is an oil, the tincture is
CBD in alcohol. Which one is better is a matter of personal opinion. Most would say the
oil because you can find CBD oils that are made with things like olive oil, which is a lot
more organic than alcohol. Others would say that the tincture is better because it has
fewer calories. There are pros and cons of each, but that’s another conversation.
Characteristics of a Good CBD Tincture

It’s kind of intimidating the number of CBD brands there are to choose from. You
already know there are hundreds of options out there because of how much CBD is
trending right now. I mean, it’s for a good reason, and CBD has loads of health benefits,
but jeez could it be any more difficult to choose?
To figure product legitimacy, I would narrow them down one aspect at a time. A good
place to start is by looking at CBD tinctures that were grown and made in the USA.
Anywhere else, like China, for instance, can’t really guarantee that the tincture hasn’t
been contaminated. A lot of countries outside the US don’t have the same regulations
and restrictions and laws that we do. They may say their product is “100% organic”, but
in reality, they could be adding unnatural fillers that are anything BUT organic. It all
comes down to a technicality. So, be safe and stick with CBD made in the USA.
Potency and Dosage
All you need to know is that the amount of CBD you ingest is up to you. It’s not going to
harm you or cause you to overdose. However, it does work best in small doses.
Don’t feel like you need to be anxious about your first time using CBD, as long as it
doesn’t have THC in it; it’s not going to make you high.
Here’s a little advice to follow, to put your mind at ease…
Always start off slow if you’ve never taken CBD before. Start by placing a drop under
your tongue once a day, probably in the morning after you get dressed and ready. Pay
attention to how you feel. If you typically have a lot of pain, is it lessened at all? Do you
feel more relaxed than usual?
If you don’t notice much of an improvement or any effect, increase your dose the next
day. That should be enough at that point, but if it’s not, just keep increasing the amount
until it feels like it’s at the right level for you. Take it slow; it usually takes about a week
for the overall effect to take place.
You can also buy CBD tinctures that come already potent. Some brands offer more than
one level of potency. Always buy the lowest unless you know what works for you or
have a friend’s recommendation.
Benefits of CBD Tincture

You can use a CBD tincture in lots of different ways. You can’t vaporize it like CBD oil,
but you can ingest it by placing drops under your tongue or mix it into food and drinks.
Any food you can think of, you can add CBD.
Try adding CBD tincture to:
● Smoothies
● Juice
● Chcolates
● Salad dressing
● Dinner sauces or gravy
● Homemad candy
● Tea or Coffee

CBD is kind of a universal medicine for anything pain or nerve-related. It’s like the
modern-day “Miracle Cure,” except it actually works and isn’t just a scam created by
some guy with a handlebar mustache. These benefits include relief for mental health
conditions like anxiety and depression; as well as treatment for pretty much any
physical condition or chronic pain.
Even if you don’t have any life-altering problems, you can still take CBD just to make
you feel more relaxed. If you’re having a bad day, take CBD before bed or with your
dinner to help you sleep. All it does is relaxes all of your nerves, which in turn makes
you calm and less stressed.
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