Medicinal uses and implications of Cannabis

What is Cannabis?
Cannabis can be called a magical plant with multiple uses and properties and it is recognized by various names. Most often it is called marijuana or weed. Several studies have been conducted and still in the process to discover the medicinal uses of this plant.
Cannabis is generally referred to as a cluster of three plants possessing psychoactive properties, these are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

Medical Effects of Cannabis
Many prominent counties are using this wonderful plant to produce drugs to treat serious ailments, though this is a natural component still it can have extremely positive and negative effects if consumed freely. This drug is known to have soothing, relaxing, and comforting effects, thus, it is prescribed to help with a range of medical conditions such as chronic pain, glaucoma, poor appetite, and many more.
Cannabis contains a chemical called CBD, this chemical strongly influences brain functioning and THC is known for pain-relieving properties.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Relieves chronic pain
Cannabis is renowned for pain-reducing and relieving traits. Chemical compounds present in Cannabis that is cannabinoids are considered to be responsible for the same. Consequently, it is used in many drugs.

Managing Weight and Diabetes
It can be observed that avid consumers of this plant usually have a stable weight. This helps in managing calories and insulin intake efficiently. It also helps in managing sugar levels and diabetes.

Treating Depression
This medicine is known for treating psychological problems and concerns like stress and depression. It possesses stress bursting properties. This plant is identified as having stress management endocannabinoid compounds which help to stabilize the moods.

Fighting Cancer
These days cancer appears to be a serious concern of pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. This supernatural plant has proved to be extraordinarily useful in fighting cancer.

Healing Fractured bones
Cannabidiol is believed to be extremely useful in speeding up the process of repairing the broken bones. Research conducted in this arena strongly supports the quick bone healing qualities of cannabis.

Relieves anxiety
Most people assume that marijuana causes anxiety whereas the results of the researches conducted in this area are otherwise. The outcomes support that it is known for relieving anxiety.

Treating Autism
Autism is a rare medical condition that can be successfully treated by using CBD. This medical condition impairs the brain’s learning capacity. Children suffering from Autism face severe communication and behavior issues. Therefore, CBD has proved to be a ray of hope in the dark.

Increases lung capacity
CBD, unlike cigarettes, does not harm the lungs, in fact, it improves the lung capacity rather than harming it.
Apart from these benefits and uses, there are numerous other benefits of the CBD. It is seen to be enormously useful in treating arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, ADD/ADHD as well as hepatitis C. In-depth research is still going on in the sphere to discover more uses of the same.

Detecting Drug presence in body
Despite innumerable uses of the CBD, yet it is not considered legal throughout the world. It is still considered illegal in most countries. Its presence in the body and bloodstream can be detected easily even after days of its consumption. It can be diagnosed by urine tests, blood tests, or hair follicle tests. The duration for which it will stay in the body varies from body to body, depending upon the metabolism.

Though this drug can prove beneficial for health and the body, yet it has many side effects or adverse effects, which is why the government prohibits the open and free use of the plant. This drug is useful for pharmaceutical agencies and research departments which can successfully and effectively use it for useful purposes.

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