CBD Gummy Bears - 5 Pack (150MG each)

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CBD GUMMY BEARS-5 PACK(150MG EACH) This packet contains five colorful gummies, each with 150MG of high-quality CBD, and convenient gummy for easy incorporation of hemp extract into daily routine. CBD GUMMY BEARS- 5 PACK This box contains 30 colorful gummies. In any 24hour period we recommend do not eat more than 10 of these gummy bears.


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30 Gummies / 10 MG each 150 MG 20 MG per serving(2 Gummies)
Organically Sourced, 100% Natural


DetailsImprove your health routine by incorporating CBD Gummies into your day. Keep your body balanced, decrease anxiety and depression, and reduce inflammation with the ease and convenience of an all-natural gummy packed with pure CBD isolate. Green Flame’s specially-formulated recipe and gummy delivery is ideal for anyone needing a convenient and easy CBD solution.  Pack a gummy in your lunch, keep one in your purse for a mid-afternoon treat, or enjoy on your way out the door in the morning. Obtain your best health and keep your body balanced throughout the day with Green Flame CBD Gummies.
IngredientsCorn syrup
Citric acid
Natural and artificial flavors
Pectin (derived from fruit)
Vegetable oil (coconut, Canada) 
Carnauba leaf wax
Hemp extract
FD&C Yellow #5
FD&C Red #40
FD&C Yellow #6
FD&C Blue #1
Directions of UseToss a delicious Green Flame CBD Gummy in your mouth, chew, swallow and enjoy!
Lab Report Something small enough to escape casual notice.
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CBD Gummy Bears - 5 Pack (150MG each)
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