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CBD coffee sample bundle- Bundle includes four exclusive Green Flame CBD Coffees and it improve overall health and it includes all natural, 100% pure ingredients. CBD coffee sample bundle free from diluted. CBD Coffee eases anxiety and reduces stress and depression.


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    4.4 OZ(Net Weight) 100 MG 5 MG per 1 Tablespoon
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    This bundle includes each of our four exclusive Green Flame CBD Coffees:

    Our energizing high-altitude Columbian coffee + CBD is infused with the highest-quality CBD available to help get your day off to a productive start. Ideal for coffee lovers searching for a healthier blend, we pair CBD with coffee to help sustain energy levels and prevent the dreaded caffeine crash so many coffee lovers experience. 

    Pair the smooth flavor of genuine Arabica coffee with Melatonin and our highest-quality CBD for a delicious before bed beverage. This Decaf coffee delivers the same great taste and quality as our Original blend, just with much less caffeine. Expertly crafted for potency and purity, this delicious blend provides relief from sleep disorders, pain, depression, stress, bowel issues, skin problems, and more.

    Brain Boost:
    Our brain boost blend is infused with the highest-quality CBD available, as well as naturally-occurring extracts 5HTP, Bacopa, and Ginkgo to improve focus, memory and cognitive function. Expertly crafted for potency and purity, this delicious blend is ideal for coffee lovers looking for a daily brain boost, along with sustainable energy, and relief from pain, stress, depression, skin issues, sleep disorders, and more.

    Weight Loss:
    Our weight loss blend  is infused with the highest-quality CBD available, as well as naturally-occurring extracts Garcinia and Guarana to boost the body’s fat burning potential as well as improve focus, increase energy, and alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.

    • Natural Hemp Extract
    • Ground Coffee Beans
    Directions of UseBrew one tablespoon of ground coffee beans per 4 oz water. Ratios can be adjusted according to taste. Caffeine is naturally present in coffee beans.
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    CBD Coffee Sample Bundle
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