CBD Lavender Bath Salts (100mg)

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CBD Lavender bath salts (100mg)  is one of the best bath salts in the market.There are many ingredients but the main key ingredient is dead sea salt. Just sprinkle a little under the running water and and watch it foam. Our recommendation is that you can use CBD Lavender bath salts (100mg) at the beginning of your bath. 


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    DetailsA soothing blend of essential oils for the optimal relaxing bath ritual. The unique crystalline structure of the thermal dead sea salt naturally absorbs more Lavender essential oil for a highly concentrated, effective bath. When added to warm water, the familiar floral aroma fills the air, mentally transporting you for a moment of tranquility. Take time to quiet the world around you and prepare for some much-needed beauty. Our pure CBD oil contains no THC (the psychoactive component found in marijuana).
    IngredientsDead Sea Salt
    Epsom Salt
    Baking Soda
    CBD Isolate(100 MG)
    Lavender Fragrance Oil
    Directions of UseFill the bathtub with water. Get in carefully. Add the required amount of CBD Bath Salt into the water and enjoy as it will slowly take you into a mode of relaxation. Soak for approximately 25-30 minutes. Rejoice. Repeat as necessary.
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    CBD Lavender Bath Salts (100mg)
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